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Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's LIp Combo

Today's lip combo is Maybelline Extreme Lip Color in Chestnut, Sealed With A Kiss Lipstick Fixative, and Slick Tint in Opal by Avon.

Maybelline Extreme Lip Color in Chestnut is a good dark color. My dress today is burgundy so I thought Chestnut would go nicely with a very muted eye look. I got this lipstick at Big Lots for $1.50!! Big Lots has the best deals on lipstick sometimes. I suggest you check out the makeup section at Big Lots and look for Clearance bins if you haven't already. They have lots of good Rimmel and Maybelline products.

I purchase Sealed With A Kiss Lip fixative from Sally's Beauty Supply. It only works with certain lipsticks this moisturizing lipstick works well with it, but a lot of lighter colors look flaky with it on. I like it for dark looks, although I have not tested it enough to love it, I believe it holds up its side of the deal, you just have to know which lipsticks you can not wear with it.

I really like Slick Tint in Opal by Avon all by itself. A lot of times I put it in my apron when I am waiting tables so I can just slick it on and not have to worry about it. The color looks good  over dark colors and light colors. It just adds a bit of sheen and extra moisture. It was only $1.99 and I bought it from my sister!

The top is the Chestnut and the bottom is the Slick Tint.

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