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Sunday, April 18, 2010

California Girls!

So I do not know what possessed me, but I stopped into Kerr Drug to check out their press on nails. I have saw them on  some of the girls at work, and I think they look really cute. I guess I was not paying close enough attention because the ones I got were hella long.  I put one on my thumb just to see if I liked it or not, and it was scary. I should have gotten the shorties, because I hated the way the long ones looked. I tried to file them down, but even filed down to the design they were still way too long; I am going to get some different ones and try them out, I think shorter will look way better. I was watching Eleventh Gorgeous on youtube earlier, because I love them, and they were showing the Fing'rs Nails and the ones they had looked good. They were the same design I had, but way shorter. I want to get some more, and I kind of want to get the ones with the black tips. I will let you know!
<3 M
the way too long ones...

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