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Friday, April 9, 2010


Seriously guys I am going to start using my digital camera so that you can actually see the pictures, but anyway. Let me tell you about this little bundled up girl. She is Harajuku Lovers G by Gwen Stefani for Women and I love her. It smells sooo good. This one was given winter apparel for the winter months, the other bottle is dressed in summer apparel and is just as cute. Anyway there are many different kinds of Harajuku Lovers perfumes but G is the one that is consistently in my purse. The official Harajuku Lovers website describes it as a, "creamy musk," it lists the ingredients as, "top notes of coconut water and mandarin, mid notes of white peach and orange flower, and bottom notes of vanilla bean and creamy sandlewood," along with some other delicious ingredients. I feel pretty when I wear it, I will definitely be purchasing the summer bottle soon!!

<3 M

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