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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sweet Cheeks!

Sweet CHEEKS!!

This is the cheek combo I have been using almost everyday.

1) Bronzer - NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder
2) Blush -NARS Orgasm!!!
3) Highlight - Physicians Formula Custom Blush & Highlighter in Healthy Glow

I love my Nars Blush. This is the most money I ever spent on a blush. The first time I bought it and used it, I knew it was worth it. The color is peach with some gold specks and it really looks fantastic on apples or used as a contour. It has lasted me a really long time!!
The NYC Bronzer is good if you have really fair skin like I do, it just gives you a little bit of a healthy summer time glow. It is not expensive, so that is an added perk. I love that the pictures are upside down. The brush I use for all three is just a generic Kabuki brush that works! Have fun playing up your cheekbones!!

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