kiss my lips

Monday, May 10, 2010


What was I thinking?????

I completely left the house today without any lipstick on, or any in my purse. This is a HUGE deal to me because I do not usually go anywhere without lipstick on me. Enter my savior, the lip gloss duo you see to the right. It is the Femme Couture Ultra Shine Lip Duo in Pink Tulip. I got this a while back from Sally's because you got it for free when you purchased one or more of the Femme Couture eye shadows. It is so shiny I only used the one side, and even I can stand not having lipstick on!!

Here is what Sally's says about it;
  • Gives lips a shiny, pouty look
  • Two semi-sheer shades
  • Can be worn together or separately
 I really like the shine. I am glad I rediscovered it in my makeup bag, because now, of course, I am going to try it over my precious gaga!!!!

<3 M


  1. Heyy you gotta keep the emergency lipgloss lipstick in your car. I keep a cheapy in my car so when it's time to throw it out, I don't feel as bad. I keep acidently putting the dayum thing in my purse though, lol.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. i also feel a sense of panic if i leave the house without lipstick or gloss on...i feel naked and it's awful. cute post!