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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Ava Gardner was gorgeous. There is no denying that. She was very comfortable in her sexuality too, she was not afraid who knew it. The picture to the left (courtesy of google images) is one of the best pictures of her. The part that I focus on are those lashes. Granted they might be fake lashes. The movie production companies she worked for loved to slather as much makeup as possible on their actresses, and I would not put it past them to use fakes. I love old Hollywood Glamour. I have read two books about the life of Ava Gardner, and I think she was just a natural beauty. She lived in a time before plastic surgery was the norm, and before airbrushing was really possible. Her overall look is fantastic, but since I was focused on her lashes, I will get to my point.
Lashes can complete a whole look. The right mascara can tie everything together just perfectly. That is why I am loving the mascara of my life right now Mary Kay's Signature Ultimate Mascara! It makes my lashes long and so pretty. It separates well, and you do not need to use a lot of coats to achieve your desired look. I took a picture of mine because I had never opened it, and I am not sure when I got it. I also put a stock picture from Mary Kay's website, because the packaging has changed. The mascara comes in black and black/brown. It is $15.00 on their website and on Amazon I found it for $13.00 in the silver packaging like I have. It is well worth it, it may be the only one I use for a while.

Stock photo from Mary Kay's website                                          Mine!!!

Just for fun here are some more gorgeous pictures of Ava!! All from Google image search.

Above is my favorite. It is from the movie the killers where she drives two men to their destruction with her beauty. She looks fantastic even in black and white!

<3 M

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